ROCKY SCOPELLITI – Futurologist | Professor | Author | Board Director | Chief Scientist

Rocky Scopelliti is a world-renowned futurologist whose pioneering research has transformed our understanding of the confluence of demographic change and digital technology. With a mission to ‘create confidence in our future’, Rocky has become a leading authority on social, cultural, economic, and technological trends shaping the world we live in.

His books have gained widespread international acclaim, including his most recent ‘The Conscious Code – Decoding The Implications Of Artificial Intelligence’ which explores the question of whether humanity can be engineered, coded in an algorithm, and become mindful. Also ‘Disruptive Decarbonisation – Australia’s Technological Race To Net Zero Carbon Emissions’ looking at how ready industries, organisations and their leaders are to decarbonise their organisations. Other notable works include ‘Australia 2030! – Where the Bloody Hell Are We?’ and ‘Youthquake 4.0 – A Whole Generation and the New Industrial Revolution’.

Rocky’s unique insights have made him a sought-after media commentator, appearing on SKY Business News, Nine News, SBS, ABC Radio National, and in prominent publications such as The Australian Financial Review, Forbes, and Bloomberg. As an international keynote speaker, he has captivated audiences across the Asia Pacific, USA, and Europe, including Mobile World Congress.

As a distinguished thought leader, Rocky’s advice on strategy, emerging technologies, and their future impact is highly valued by over 150 boards and leadership teams, including Fortune 100 corporations. His 22 thought leadership research publications have gained international recognition for their influence, including by the World Economic Forum.

In an executive capacity, Rocky serves as the Chief Scientist for Government at Optus Enterprise & Business, leading the creation of world-class thought leadership to guide the 4th Industrial Revolution. In a non-executive capacity, he is an Adjunct Professor (Industry) at the University of Technology Business School, a director on the board of Community First Bank, on the technology advisory board for REST Super, the AIIA and Wake by Reach, and a former board member of the Australian Payments Council.

Rocky’s academic qualifications include a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Management, an MBA from Sydney University and training at Stanford University, and membership in the Australian Institute of Company Directors. His contributions to the field of futurology have left a lasting impact, inspiring confidence and shaping the future for generations to come.