“Rocky is a rare breed of futurologist who is able to combine a very strong data-driven approach with an almost intuitive ability to be able to see things that others can’t that in many cases are right in front of them. Combine that with a powerful communication style and desire to genuinely help others and you have the perfect storm for being able to accurately predict and ultimately respond quickly to a very fast-changing environment. As someone who is obsessed with contingency planning and crisis management, this is a must-read for anyone who wants to be prepared for the decade ahead. His insights and predictions for the next 10 years have never been more important to be across”.
Kerwin Rae – CEO
“I have known Rocky a long time, and whether I am listening to his speeches or reading his research and predictions. I always feel confronted in a good way. Whether you agree with his views or not, he makes you think and think differently!”
Alexis George – Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Group Executive ANZ
“Rocky has a great sense of the trends shaping the future and how they will impact businesses and society. He can then translate that into simple language for anyone to understand and that is where he adds so much value”.
David Carter – Chief Executive Officer
“Rocky Scopelliti is one of Australia’s thought leaders, challenging us all to build a better country for the future. His reports over many years have shaped the way we look at technology, society and industry”.
Robert Hillard – Chief Transformation Officer Deloitte Asia Pacific
“I first met Rocky Scopelliti in the early 2000’s and have enjoyed his insights and analysis over nearly two decades. His unconstrained thinking is always thought provoking and ‘applied’ in its nature making it inherently useful in strategic thinking and planning for businesses”.
Peter Clare – Non-Executive Director
“I’ve worked with Rocky in Australia, the UK and Asia for over a decade. Rocky’s leading edge and pioneering insights have captivated audiences around the world. His capacity to translate those through thought-leadership research, passionate engaging keynote addresses and media across emerging, developing and developed economies, has made a significant difference to our understanding of demographic and technological change”
Andrew Wildblood – Chief Executive Officer
“Rocky has been a constant “go-to” person for me for over nearly 20 years in financial services leadership roles. He has consistently been ahead of the wave of change driven by technology and social factors driven by data, his powerful business network and personal observations. He has provided actionable specific insights on the developments and trends of digital financial services and customer expectations.”
Chris Whitehead – Chief Executive Officer
“I have worked on many thought-leadership programs with Rocky over the past decade. He is by far the most insightful, forward-thinking futurologist I have ever had the pleasure to collaborate with. His unique ability to predict technological trends beyond the next 12 months across multiple industries and geographies is truly inspiring. His deep understanding of technology and the impact it has on industry is world-class. He is also a seasoned author, speaker and media spokesperson, and never fails to provide valuable insights with every engagement. On a personal level, Rocky is an absolute pleasure to work with”
Marcus Judge, former Commonwealth Bank of Australia Divisional Chief Operating Officer and present Social Sector Governor
“Rocky has a deep, globally-based understanding of the zeitgeist of the moment. He knows what to look for when separating important events from noise. He has an inclusive approach to data gathering and an understanding of current and potential changes in the work environment, especially as they relate to Industry 4.0 and the transformative role 5G networks can play”.

Michelle Blum – Chief Executive Officer Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

“When we looked for a keynote speaker for our annual Summit which opened with the theme of how Millennials invested and spent money, Rocky Scopelliti was an obvious choice. Rocky’s work on demographic changes being wrought on the world by this new group of digital natives called Millennials was ground-breaking, and we used it to inform the large audience of mainly fund managers, superannuation, life insurance and advice professionals, with some FinTech super fund pioneers thrown in for good measure. Rocky is a convincing speaker whose work is professionally informed by granular and prescient data.”

Sally Loane – CEO Financial Services Council